Hookup tips 101---Safe dating tips for netizens

For people who like to find friends online to have fun with, here are several tips for you to have it as safe as possible.

Hide your valuables
If you invite someone for a one night dating, hide expensive things. You don't know each other or their personality. Even if you have a good time together, don't show your iPad or expensive ring. This also applies to medical treatments. It is well known that some people will have a one night hookup and then take other people's medicines from the bathroom cabinet into their pockets.

Know your limits about alcoholic
Don’t drink too much, especially when you are not sure what kind of person he/she is. It is best to be cautious. If the friend finder you meet have bad intentions, they are likely to try to use alcohol to achieve their goals about casual hookup.

Stay away from drugs
Many murders are related to drugs. Obviously, drugs can change your perception of reality and your reaction to reality. They won't make you feel safe when you are dating or having a one night hookup. If you don't know how you will respond to these drugs, you are not sure about the company, or have no confidence in how to leave the company, then say no. Maybe entertaining drugs are your favorite, but taking drugs with friends you trust is much better than taking drugs with a completely stranger on free dating apps.

Be honest with yourself
If you want others to be honest, you have to do it yourself. Once you start pretend to compromise, you will find yourself in a difficult position and more likely to have problems. Honestly say what you want with the person you meet on hookup apps. Honesty is also very attractive.

If something wrong occurs before you meet each other in person, report them
Tell the customer service of the hookup app you are using if someone is not the one they say, or if they are trying to get you to do something you don't want to do. The more people who report scammers and fraudsters, the less chance they will spread and harm others. If someone does something illegal, such as trying to threaten you or not accepting a "no" answer, report it. Just because you met in dating apps doesn't make abuse less real.

Think with your brain instead of using your passion
Is it really wise to go to a place you don't know in the middle of the night? Ask yourself if you are not sexually hungry, are you willing to take the risk? In the long run, it is not worthwhile to take risks for short sexual gratification. We can all masturbate, obviously this is good for the earth.

Stay calm
Almost every single has ever used dating app for at least once. Looking for romance or someone going out for a one night hookup. Many people have found true love on dating apps. There is no big deal and no shame in it.